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Subject: Schedule the 2017 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders and dividend payment (additional info)

Bangkok Dusit Medica l Services P ublic Co mpany Limited (the Company) wou ld like to notify the resolutions of the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Company No. Women’s health book 2 /2017, wh i ch was held on 28 Fe bruary 2 017 (the Board Meeting) as fo llows:

To sche dule the 2017 Annual Genera l Meeting of Shareho lders on 12 April 2017 at 13 :30 ho urs at His Royal H ighness Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn Ballroom , 3 ‘d floor, Royal Go lden Jubilee Building, Soi Soonvijai (Soi Petchaburi 47), New Petchburi Road , Bangkok.

2 . Home health care medicare Approved that (i) a list of shareho lders entitled to attend the 2017 Annua l General Meeting of Share ho lders and receive dividend, be determined on 15 March 2017 (the Record Date) and (ii) the names of share holders be gat hered on 16 March 2017 (the Book C los ing Date) in accordance with sect i on 225 of the Securities and Exchange Act, 1992 (as amended).To consider the age nda as fo llows:

To consider and certify the minutes of the 2016 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders held on 21 April 2016

The Board of Directors’ Opinion: the AGM should certify the aforesa id minutes.

To approve the Company and its subsidiaries’ audited consolidated financial statements for 2016

The Board of Directors’ Opinion: the AGM shou ld approve the Company a nd its

subsid iaries ‘ aud ited conso lidated financial statements for th e year ended 31 st December 2016.

To approve the allocation of profit and dividend payment of 2016

The Board of D irectors ‘ Op inion : the AGM should approve for the allocation of the Company ‘s net profit by distributing dividend for 15,490,956,540 shares at the rate of Baht 0.29 per share; divided by the dividend derived from profit under BOI privi lege Baht 0.01 per s hare , and from profit u nder non-BOI pr ivi lege Baht 0.28 per share ; tota ling Baht 4,492,377,396.60 which is equal to 64.77% of the Company ‘s net profit of the Company financial statement s . Cheap health insurance in florida In line w ith the Company ‘s dividend policy; “the dividend shall be pa id at minimum 50% of Company ‘s net profit “.

Since , the Board of Directors of the Company ‘s Meeting No. Womens health blog 8 /2016 had resolution to paid the interim div idend for the first h a l f of 2 016 performance at the rate of Baht

0. Health websites 10 per share , tota ling Baht 1,549,095,6 54 on 30 September 2016. Intermountain healthcare salt lake city Therefore , the Company shall pay an additiona l dividend for 2016 performance at Baht 0.19 per share divided by the dividend derived from profit under BO! pr i vilege Baht 0.0 I per share , and from profit under non-BOT privilege Baht 0 . Health care options 18 per s hare , totaling Baht

2,943 ,281 ,742.60. I need cheap health insurance T he dividend payment shall be made on 26 April 2017 and subjected to the approval of the AGM 2017.

Accord in g to the Company ‘s Article of Association, the Company has full le gal reserve of the Company registered capital. Health insurance penalty Therefore, the Company ha s no need to allocate the Company’s net profit as a legal reserve.

To consider and approve the appointment directors whose retired.

The Board of Directors’ Opinion :Reference to the Company ‘s Article of Association “A t every Annual Genera l Meeting of Shareholders, one-third of the directors, or if it is not a mu ltiple of three, then the number nearest to one-third must retire from office . Healthy care A retiring director is e ligib le for re-election. Primary health care service ” At the present the Company has 14 directors, therefore , there are 5 directors who are going to retire , which are;

The Board and the Nomination and Rem uneration Committee, wh ich the interested directors are abstained , the board h as recommended those 5 directo rs who retired by rotation, be re-elected for another term. Affordable health insurance ca (names as shown below)

In addition, the directors who were nominated as the independen t directors whose qual ifications meet the eligibi l ity criteria of the Capital Market Superv i sory Board.

The Board of Directors ‘ Op inion : with recommendation of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee, has cons idered on various factors including the increase of accountability and responsibility of Company’s directors , comparing with the companies that were s ame size of the Company , the increase of Company’s revenue and net profit and the number of directors.

* D ividend payment foroperational yea r 2016 is subjected to the approval of the AGM 2017

T he Board r eco mmended the AGM to approve the remuneration of t he Compa ny’s directors and the direc tors of su b-committee as follows.

Ch airm an of Board Baht 75,000 I per meeting Director (each) Baht 50,0 00 / p er m eetin g

1 .2 Director’s Remuneration: at Baht 69.1 Mill ion, thi s sha ll be a ll oca t ed by the

The Com pany has determined the g uide !ines for ca lc ulati ng the remuneration of the Com pa ny directors, at the rate o f 0.1 % o f tota l reve nue from 2016 Co mpany and its s ubs idiaries’ a udite d co nso lid ated fina nc ial stateme nts.

The meeting fee for Audit Committee, Exec utive Co mmittee, Nominat ion an d Remuneration Co mmittee, we re re maine d the sa me as prev ious yea r.

In a ddition, to the co mpany’s board of directo r meet ing no 2/20 1 7 dated 28 February 2017, resolved to se t up the Risk Management Co mmittee, therefore the Board w ith recom me nda tion of the No minat ion and Remuneration Committee proposed the mee ting fee for the R isk Management Co mmittee equ iva le nt to the Nomination a nd Re mune rat1 .o n C omm1 . Indiana health insurance ttee. Private health insurance united kingdom De ta1 ·1s a re f o II owi . Women’s health editorial calendar ng;

To appo int the Auditors for 2017 and affix aud it remuneration

The Bo a rd of Directors’ Op ini on: with recommendat i on of the Audit Committee , the AGM s h ould appoint . Cost of health care .. Care health center _ _

List of Auditors to be Appointed CPA License No . Private health insurance for child only Commencement of I I

From EY Office Limited as the Com pany’s auditors for 20 1 7 a nd fix aud it fee fo r the amo unt o f Baht 2,240,000 increased 7.2 % . Family healthcare Due to exte nd th e scope of auditor s work w hic h reque ste d by SEC, that a udito r ha s to go throug h the Fo rm 56 -1a nd th e Annua l

Report of th e Compa ny. Health insurance brokers near me D e tail s are as follow. Primary care center I Au fee – ar(Baht) -i 2 —-

The auditors of the Compan y and sub sidiaries ar e from EY Office Limited. Home health care nurse The nominated aud itors have no rel ationship and /or conflict of interest s with the Company , as sociates , subsidiaries , executive s, major shareholders or related person s of the afor esaid parties. Women’s health first Therefore , they are independent in auditing and prov iding their opinion on the financial statem ent s .

Consider and approve the issuance and offering of debentures in the amount of not exceeding Baht 40,000 million

The Board of Directors ‘ Opinion: The AGM should approve the i ss uance and offering of debentures in the amount of not exceeding Baht 40 ,000 million. Health issues The details of term s and conditions are as follow s:

Unsubordinated debenture s, with or without bond repre sentative and un secured

Baht 40 ,000 million or in an equivalent amount m another currency.

The C ompany can addi tionally issue debenture and I or to replace redeemed debenture , however , outstanding debenture shall not exceed Baht 40,000 million at any time.

Public offering and I or private placement , institutional investors , ultra high-net worth and I or high-net worth , pursuant to the notification of T he Securitie s and Exchange Commission and I or the Office of the Securitie s and Exchange Commission to local inve stor s and I or over sea s, in one or several offering s.

Depend ing upon the appropriatenes s and the market condition at the time of the issue and offer for sale.

The Compan y ma y have the call option to redeem the debenture s b efor e maturity , or may repurch ase debenture s, subject to the conditions as to be specified by th e Compan y

T he debenture holder s may be granted with put option , o r ma y re sel I the deb e ntur es , subject to the condition s a s t o b e specified b y the Compan y

The Compan y ma y appl y for li stin g of debenture s w ith the Thai Bond Dealin g C enter or other forei gn bond dealin g center

The Board of Directors authoriz ed the P reside nt and I or the C hief F inancial Officer o r a ny pe rso ns delegated by the Pres ident and I or the C hief F inanc ial Officer (the ” Delegate ” ) to de termine crit eria , condition s and o ther details rela ting to the iss uance and offering for s ale of debentures which have no t y et bee n determined as necess ary and appropriate ac cording to the laws, including the lis ting of de bentures on the Stock Exc ha nge o f T hailand , the Thai Bo nd Ma rke t Ass oc iation o r any othe r domestic a nd fore ign s econdary marke ts . Phcs health insurance T he power als o ex te nds to apply for a pprova l from, make

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