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You have the right to receive your own Social Security check unless SSA determines that you are not capable of managing or directing the management of your money. About health care If you have a representative payee, in order to become your own payee, you must show SSA that you are able to manage the benefits yourself.

In order to show that you are now capable of managing your funds, you can provide a doctor’s statement that there has been a change in your condition and that the doctor believes you are capable of caring for yourself; medical evidence that supports your claim; a court order proving that the court believes that you can take care of yourself; statements from family, friend, or service providers; or other evidence that shows your ability to take care of yourself.

Primary health hours Even if you are a minor, if you can provide the necessary proof, you should be allowed to manage your own funds. Home health care of florida File SSA-11, answering questions 1, 3, 5, 6, and 8, and signing on page 4.

Note well: If SSA believes your condition has improved to the point that you no longer need a payee, your eligibility for disability payments may be reevaluated. Women’s health group broomfield Therefore, you have to consider if you want to open the door to this possible reevaluation. Health insurance companies near me You may also consider finding a different payee rather than opening this door.

You have the right to appeal either the decision that you need a representative payee, or the person or organization SSA has chosen as your representative payee. Affordable health care insurance You have 60 days to appeal a decision by contacting SSA. Health care bill You can contact your local Social Security office or call 1-800-772-1213 for more information. Home health care tulsa The form you will need is SSA-11.

I really cannot believe I have NO ACCESS TO MY OWN MONEY!! I have NO IDEA of how much money I have or where it’s going or any bank statements…. Cheap health insurance for families NOTHING. Health insurance agency I cannot understand why I can’t even call the bank to see what is happening with MY MONEY!!!! This system is SOOOOO PATHETIC…its truly unbelievable!! And… I can’t even go to the doctor or my specialist because I CAN’T afford it…. Health insurance types So hopefully I won’t die. Private health insurance germany Another thing I COMPLETELY CANNOT understand why they took me off Medicaid and put me on Medicare…by NO choice of…I’m on a very fixed income and so I have shitty Medicare which I can’t even use! I guess I may be missing something?? Mostly all of my back pay the government is totally getting back!! There is something TOTALLY wrong with this picture!!!!

I totally agree! The system is soooo messed up! I have many stories to tell on that issue. Private health insurance ohio Consider filing to become your own payee, or at the very least writing a letter requesting a copy of the accounting.

A representative payee’s required duties as listed on the SSA website include the following:

Determine the beneficiary’s needs and use his or her payments to meet those needs;

Save any money left after meeting the beneficiary’s current needs in an interest bearing account or savings bonds for the beneficiary’s future needs;

Report any changes or events which could affect the beneficiary’s eligibility for benefits or payment;

Keep records of all payments received and how you spent and saved them;

Provide benefit information to social service agencies or medical facilities that serve the beneficiary;

Report to us any changes that would affect your performance or your continuing as payee;

Complete written reports accounting for your use of funds; and

Return to us any payments to which the beneficiary is not entitled.

If your payee will not provide you with a balance then consider notifying the Social Security Office in writing that you believe that your payee is mismanaging your money as balance information is being unreasonably withheld.

Does my payee have the right not to pay my phone bill. Health insurance kaiser I want to switch service providers and she refuses to go with cricket. A 1 home health care I say just give me the money and I’ll go buy the phone card myself which she then says she can’t do that.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER – TERMS OF USE: Making an inquiry and receiving a response does not create an attorney-client relationship. Cheap health insurance missouri The website provides helpful information by discussing legal principles and is not meant to be relied upon or to create an attorney-client relationship. Health insurance gym membership It is recommended that users do not provide their legal names in making an inquiry.

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