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CAMPAIGN: Jonathan Treffry, MP Steve Double and Dr Andy Virr want hospital reopened at Fowey

One of the Duchy’s foremost doctors, Senior Consultant Andy Virr, 45, who heads up the Royal Cornwall Hospital’s A & E department at Treliske, claims that the closure of Fowey Hospital last year has almost certainly claimed the lives of patients and threatens the lives of many more.

Dr Virr told the Voice: “I believe the closure of beds at Fowey and Edward Hain hospitals has significantly contributed to overcrowding at Treliske this winter.

“We know overcrowding is associated with increased mortality. Information about healthy food To me, it is self evident that we have not coped as a health community without these beds and proves that continuing closures as part of the Shared Delivery Plan would be foolish.”

Dr Virr joined forces with MP Steve Double and the latest incumbent of the Treffry Estate Jonathan Treffry last week to try to stop the permanent closure of the town’s hospital, which shut its doors last year after an internal report by the Cornwall Partnership Foundation Trust (CPFT) condemned its facilities, forcing its ‘temporary’ closure.

The CPFT took control of the hospital’s services on April 1, 2016. Health information news It’s bed capacity was reduced from 10 beds to six due to a buildings conditions survey which highlighted limitations on the safe service the hospital was able to offer. Human health information Between May and August 2016 there were a total of 24 admissions, of which four patients were Fowey residents.

The minor injuries unit at the hospital hasn’t been operating since 2015 following concerns raised by the then matron. Health information systems degree Attendance rates had been very low making it difficult to maintain staff skills and competency and with no X-ray facilities on site there was limited diagnostic and treatment interventions available.

Local residents have since accessed minor injury provision at St Austell hospital. Health information exchange market This decision was reinforced and supported by the Care Quality Commission following their own inspection in the same year.

In mid-July, a Cornwall Council food hygiene and safety inspection required urgent works to be undertaken by the landlord, NHS Property Services, leading to the temporary closure of the hospital. Information about health care Since this temporary closure, Fowey residents have been admitted to St Austell hospital, eight miles away.

Dr Virr, a Conservative candidate for this year’s Fowey and Tywardreath Cornwall Council elections, is himself a resident of Fowey, and is determined to re-open the 10 bed NHS facility which he believes is vital to the wellbeing of patients.

Dr Virr is adamant that it’s not politics driving him to lead the vanguard in reopening the hospital. Information about health is wealth He said: “This is something that I’ve thought long and hard about. Information on health and medicine I think the NHS won’t move forward if we turn it into silly party spats, with each of us fighting and blaming each other, and that seems to be how the NHS debate often degenerates.

“I’m principally a local resident and I’ve got my personal values and I’ve worked for the NHS for 20 years. E health information management We’re facing one of the biggest changes in the make up of health and social care in the county. Health information sources I work with patients every day and I want to make sure that whatever local changes are put in place work for me as a doctor in A&E and for me as a resident in Fowey — and I think that is beyond silly party arguments.”

Asked if he thought it was realistic to think that the NHS would keep the hospital as a working institution Dr Virr is forthright with his views: “We’ve got to have a realistic look at what are going to be the needs of the county over the next 20 years or so. Health information exchange standards We are an ageing population and it’s great that we are living longer and leading healthier lives.

“We have an expanding population in Cornwall as well. Health information sites I think it is extraordinary that anyone can think how looking forward we are going to need less community beds. Benefits of health information exchange Every day I see patients who for some reason — say, have got a broken arm — can’t simply go back and live independently and in a lot of cases need one or two weeks of convalescence. Health information systems salary That then becomes the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Health information exchange models Community hospitals provide the solution, hopefully closer to home.

“Currently there are a shortage of nursing home residential places and I see, certainly for the foreseeable future, we’re going to need community beds for our patients.”

However, Dr Virr believes that if it is to survive the hospital might have to face a few changes: “I certainly don’t think that community hospitals should stand still. What is health information technology They need to modernise and there’s growing evidence that the longer you keep patients in beds, their function deteriorates and they’re less likely to live independently when they are ready for discharge.

“So we’ve got to see community hospitals as places where there’s rehabilitation going on, with active physiotherapy, and there’s certainly got to be a role for community hospitals being a hub for a day hospital where therapies are offered, including podiatry and physio, on site and it could be an obvious location to colocate a GP surgery here in Fowey.

“But I still think that at the heart it will need beds for patients to convalesce in.”

Asked if the building, which is over 100 years old, is still fit for purpose Dr Virr is unequivocal: “The first argument is that we need to reopen the beds within the present building. Health information systems ppt We face a crisis in healthcare at the moment. Healthcare information exchange We’ve just had one of the hardest winters I can remember in patient numbers, where Royal Cornwall Hospital has been running on Black bed alert pretty much the whole time since the autumn. Information about health and nutrition I think there is no justification whatsoever for keeping these beds closed.

“Whatever concerns have been raised by the CPFT over the building, I think they cannot be as great as the risk patients face — maybe being in a corridor in A&E or facing cancellation of vital operations — because there’s a lack of community beds.

“I think we need to really understand what these CPFT issues are and address them. Useful information about health They have made safety recommendations but my concern is that they don’t appear to be being acted upon, apart from closing the hospital. Health information exchange benefits I don’t see physical works going on today but I do see patients waiting to get out of our acute hospitals for convalescence and that has an immediate safety risk to patients trying to get off ambulances into A&E or patients waiting for operations.

“There are local charitable funds available which currently stand at ?250,000, and the hospital is very well supported here in Fowey. Benefits of health information systems I don’t want the current problems being swept under the carpet as an easy ‘slash and burn’ with the Shared Delivery Plan. Information about health food It was seen as the easy option to start the process of making drastic cuts to the numbers of community beds within the county.

“Were seeing right across the county, in Fowey and St Ives, community beds closing and we’ve had one of our worst winters on record and there must be a relationship.

“We’re looking to the public to show their willingness to back a campaign and to that end I’m working with Jonathan Treffry, whose family bequeathed the land to the hospital and is a long-term supporter, and our MP Steve Double and we plan to meet with the Chief Executive of the CPFT in a few weeks to do a tour of the building and to understand what works need to be done.”

MP Steve Double also shares Dr Virr’s concerns and is keen to see the hospital reinstated: “With the current pressure on beds at Treliske Hospital we need to make the most of all the resources the NHS has in Cornwall. B s health information management Therefore, I want to explore every possible opportunity to see Fowey Hospital reopened as soon as possible. Online health information I am delighted to be able to work with Senior A&E consultant Andy Virr and Jonathan Treffry to find a sustainable future for health services in Fowey.”

Mr Treffry also believes that the hospital was deliberately allowed to fall into disrepair despite them paying no rent since his family bequeathed the land that it stands on in 1912.

The hospital became part of the National Health Service when it was formed in 1948 and has been an essential facility in the Town ever since.

2 comments Glen Woodward 24th February 2017 00:50 I lived opposite Fowey Hospital for a number of years and it was very useful and practical. Healthcare information systems Was shifted back after major operations in Treliske and was so close for family and friends to visit. What is health informatics and information management The minor injuries was fabulous when I had a young family. Health care information Cant believe it is not being used Susan shroff 25th February 2017 17:08 Please reopen Fowey hospital, my mum has passed away now but I do not know how we would have ever coped if

Fowey was not open, she had to be in hospital for 4 months over 80, and was in Treliske for 3 months ,a bed became available and Mum was moved, Treliske does an amazing job, one major hospital for Cornwall, houses being built everywhere, doctors surgeries full to capacity, no wonder Cornwall is under so much pressure. Health information exchange vendors Anything I can do to help please contact me. Health information exchange Add your own comment Name

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