Eurobuildcee – vilnius will longer look for ppp partners for national sport venue

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LITHUANIA City of Vilnius is preparing construction of Multifunctional Health, Education, Culture and Business Support Centre. Information about healthy food It will be created as PPP project. Health information news The deadline for the tender bids has been postponed to Mar 1, 2017.

The project is implemented by two authorities – the Department of Physical Education and Sports under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania and Vilnius City Municipal Government Administration – as a concession and based on the Design-Build-Finance-Operate model.

The project company formed by the concessionaire will have to construct the infrastructure of the multifunctional complex and refurbishment of the territory in the dedicated plots of land. Human health information The plots are to be build are located at Ozo g. Health information systems degree and at Ukmerges g. Health information exchange market in Vilnius, Nest to Akropoklis and Ermitazas shopping centres. Information about health care The company will also be provided with the right to provide there the services and engage in commercial activities listed in the concession contract and will be provided with the right to develop, at its own risk, additional real property for engaging in commercial activities.

The project company will not acquire the right of ownership to the multifunctional complex and to the additional real property. Information about health is wealth The right will retain in the Vilnius City Municipality. Information on health and medicine There will be a lease contract signed for the ground. E health information management The project company will be exempt from the duty to pay rent or, should Vilnius City Municipal Government Council adopt a different decision, the payable rent will be compensated for according to the procedure set in the concession contract.

Contract will be signed for up to 25 years. Health information sources The infrastructure of the multifunctional complex must be developed and the territory must be refurbished within three years and the services may be provided for up to 22 years.

The partner will be obliged to build the public cultural and sports events infrastructure, i.e. Health information exchange standards a stadium with at least 15,000 seats that will act in the future as the National Stadium, with all the required infrastructure, including design, construction, operation and maintenance.

The contract includes also inter alia: construction of sports museum with area up to 1,500 sqm; refurbishment of the neglected territory where remains of old stadium are located; provision of utilities infrastructure for common use; provision of public areas and infrastructure for common use; provision of the infrastructure of the kindergarten, including design, construction, operation and maintenance of a kindergarten building for at least 300 children, playgrounds, pedestrian paths, green areas, etc.; Design, construction, operation and maintenance of the cultural educational centre and library infrastructure (premises with an area of up to 1,600 sqm), including moving of the Seskine Branch of the Central Library of Vilnius City Municipality; provision of sports facilities for non-formal education (artistic gymnastics, boxing, wrestling, gyms, at least three football fields, one track and field stadium, four multipurpose gyms, three basketball facilities, one handball facility) and of administrative premises, including design, construction, operation and maintenance of the above.

Since the project company will be provided with the right to engage in commercial activities, any lacking share of funds will have to be covered by the project company from revenue generated from the commercial activities.

As Vilnius City highlighted, within the tender, the comprehensive and final proposal will be evaluated in accordance with the criterion of the most economically advantageous proposal, consisting of the following parts: costs of creation of the multifunctional complex – 35 pct., costs of maintenance of the multifunctional complex – 15 pct.; annual remuneration – 15 pct.; number of additional seats available within the public cultural and sports events infrastructure – 5 pct.; the urban and architectural solution of the multifunctional complex – 10 pct.; functionality of the multifunctional complex – 10 pct.; justifiability and acceptability of the business plan – 10 pct.

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