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GD Hospital is known for housing experienced ENT Specialists. Chronic swollen tonsils Dr. Tonsils swollen with white spots Nirmalya Samanta, a well-reputed ENT Specialist, practices in Kolkata.

Swollen tonsils neck pain Visit this medical health centre for ENT Specialists recommended by 103 patients. Tonsils swollen pictures Timings

It may be because of stress. Cure for swollen tonsils It’s called as anxiety lump in throat. Tonsils swollen remedy If no stress then it can be because of spasm of pharyngeal muscles. My tonsils are swollen and hurt Take hot water bag or hot fomentation with moist Turkish towel. How to check for swollen tonsils Gargle with hot water. Sore throat swollen tonsils neck pain Avoid stress. What to do with swollen tonsils If you have any difficulty in swallowing or breathing then consult doctor and get throat examination done.

As climate change my nose started running with water throat becomes and dry and then cough form in body which further leads to congestion in chest. Constant swollen tonsils please advise best defensive way to protect myself from climate change.

Sir/Madam I am suffering from right side chest pain since one month it is exactly down to throat. What can you do for swollen tonsils Many time this pain goes to shoulder back and front. Tonsils swollen treatment And also I feel pain in right side abdomen down to chest and also back pain especially right side I am afraid of that. Home remedies swollen tonsils I met two physicians they advised me to do ecg and xray but reports are normal. Reasons for swollen tonsils Can you suggest me sir please please I am totally confused please. What causes swollen tonsils with white spots Thanks.

Hi team, I am in the middle of UPSC CSE preps. Swollen tonsils not tonsillitis I have pollen allergy n slight sinus pblm and as time have passed I realize that it has a great influence in my sleep cycle (I feel difficult to breathe during night and this postpones my sleeping time accompanied by sneezing, eye irritation n slight cough sometimes) and I also feel lack of sleep the very next day that affects my preparations. Home remedies for swollen tonsils in toddlers So my question wud be how to reverse this pattern and what would be the best foot forward to make my day more effective and to have a good n sound sleep? Do I have to undergo any course of treatment? Pls suggest.

Homoeopathic treatment can cure your complaints in short period of time. Swollen sore tonsils No side effects in HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICINES. Fever and swollen tonsils 100% better results. Sore throat with swollen tonsils Nothing to be worried. Tonsils swollen lymph nodes Take following HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICINES for 3 weeks and revert back.

Accessory management. Swollen tonsils pain Keep your room clean from dust. Swollen tonsils and lymph nodes in neck Avoid cold food and drinks ,and coffee. How to help swollen tonsils Do steam inhalation one time in a day. Swollen tonsils strep throat Bath only with Luke Warm water. Swollen tonsils and fever in child Don’t lay down directly under fan. My tonsils feel swollen For further queries you can consult me through Lybrate online. Relief for swollen tonsils Thank you.

Pinch all the soft parts of the nose together between the thumb and index finger.

Press firmly toward the face – compressing the pinched parts of the nose against the bones of the face.

Lean forward slightly with the head tilted forward. Swollen tonsils white spots Leaning back or tilting the head back allows the blood to run back into the sinuses and throat and can cause gagging or inhaling the blood.

Hold the nose for at least five minutes. Sore throat tonsils swollen Repeat as necessary until the nose has stopped bleeding.

Sit quietly, keeping the head higher than the level of the heart. What to do when you have swollen tonsils Do not lay flat or put your head between your legs.

Sir, I am suffering from severe pain in the corner area connecting nose and eye. How to deal with swollen tonsils I suspect it to be sinus. Swollen tonsils sore throat It always happens whenever I suffer from cold. Tonsils swollen for weeks The pain is severe during day time reaching it’s peak in afternoon and then it gradually subsides with little or no pain in night. How do you get swollen tonsils Kindly suggest remedy.

Tk, plenty of water to hydrate your body and to eliminate toxins. I think my tonsils are swollen Go for meditation to nourish your eye muscles. Swollen tonsils causes Tk, lukewarm water to drink. Tonsils swollen but no pain Avoid, cold intake, exposure to cold climate.

Tk, homoeopathic medicine:@ five phos 6x-4 tabs thrice. Red swollen tonsils no white spots Tk, care.

I am having throat mucus all the time, difficulty to breathe, same time skin irritation and redness of skin, and moth ulcers frequently coming, peeling dry skin from fingers and toes, kindly guide me to consult which specialist doctor as I am facing this problem from some years.

Some body told may be leprosy symptoms. White spots on swollen tonsils Kindly guide I am fully nervous.

lybrate-user, if you use a cotton mattress, get rid of it and replace it with a high density polyurethane foam mattress along with a mattress protector. Natural remedies for swollen tonsils Similarly use polyurethane pillows with pillow protector case. Tonsils very swollen Stop using brooms, but instead wet mop your bedrooms. Tonsils are swollen Use wall mounted fans in place of ceiling fans.

Remember, the real patient in allergies is your environment which needs to be treated. What to eat when tonsils are swollen Your body has only become hypersensitive to this environment.

I never had any allergy related problems in my 50 year old life, irrespective of place or time. My tonsils are swollen and have white spots Now 4 months after shifting my residence from Nagpur to Bangalore I developed a throat infection after which a nonstop problem of cold, sneezing, threat itching eye itching continued. Tonsils swollen for 3 weeks I tried anti allergy medicine prescribed by my doctor like cetrizine, Allegra etc which only gave partial relief. Painful swollen tonsils I tried homeo treatment for 2 months, Ayurvedic for two months (Pankaja Kasthuri) but no relief. How to get swollen tonsils I had stayed in Bangalore earlier also for duration of one month at different times without any such complaints. Treat swollen tonsils But even if with a change of place I find relief doesn’t come to me, had it been a problem of Bangalore specific. Persistent swollen tonsils Kindly suggest remedial measures.

1. Swollen tonsils with pus Eye allergies, called allergic conjunctivitis, are a common condition that occurs when the eyes react to something that irritates them (called an allergen).

2. My tonsils are swollen and red The eyes produce a substance called histamine to fight off the allergen. Swollen throat tonsils As a result, the eyelids and conjunctiva (the thin, filmy membrane that covers the inside of your eyelids) become red, swollen and itchy, with tearing and burning.

a. My tonsils are red and swollen Avoid or limit contact with the substance causing the problem.

e. Swollen tonsils fever Use mild steroid like flurisone in pulse dose in severe allergy

this will help you I am very sorry dear to say that there is no medicine that can cure allergy. Symptoms of swollen tonsils Only way is to stay away from all those things that you are allergic to.

This is a provisional diagnosis. Red and swollen tonsils Consult your ophthalmologist for detailed examination.

I think you should not self medicate yourself. Remedies for swollen tonsils sore throat Augmentin duo 625 is an antibiotic which should not be consumed without doctor’s advice. Swollen lingual tonsils And it might not reduce your throat problem always. Regular tonsils and swollen tonsils For your question about dolowin, it doesn’t cross react with augmentin usually. How do your tonsils get swollen See the doctor if the pain is on left shoulder, this can be grievous.

Hard wax should be dissolved with wax solvent, dewax ear drops 5 drops/5 times/5 days. Tonsils swollen and white spots Visit an ent surgeon, it can be removed by syrengeing. What can help swollen tonsils Please do not attempt crude methods to remove wax, it may damage ear drum.

Hi, I am getting this few symptoms, dry throat, chest strain, frequent hunger ,my hb1ac is 5.9,total cholesterol 227, ldl 149, total RBC 5.6,my concern is why I am getting dry throat frequently had done full body blood test.

Your blood sugar is on border line and cholesterole is increased.I am advising you a remedy that will control your cholesterole as well as blood sugar.

Buy a herb called vihsysaar.This you will get from any pansari shop.Dip a piece of this in a glass of water overnight and dri k it in morning .Do it daily for 1 month.

I am suffering frm snoring (KHRAATE) Problem for last 4-5 years. What to do when your tonsils are swollen Could you tell me please right nd permanent treatment for snoring. My tonsils are swollen and red with white spots My family members r very upset frm my problem. Relieve swollen tonsils please let me know right treatment.

Hi, thanks for your query. Tonsils swollen symptoms Snoring is a difficult symptoms to diagnose and treat. Swollen infected tonsils It occurs when air passes through a narrow passage from nose to lungs. Tonsils swollen no fever Any pathology from the nose like deviated septum, polyp, tumour, naso pharyngeal pathology like tumour, pharyngeal pathology like huge tonsils, huge tongue, small mentum etc. My tonsils are swollen and white Can cause it.

Therefore routine ENT examination should be done first. Signs of swollen tonsils Investigation advised is dynamic MRI to detect the site of obstruction. Tonsils are always swollen Sleep study would help us detect the apnea hyperapnea index. Cure swollen tonsils Treatment aspect may be surgical correction of the obstructive pathology or non surgical treatment with C APP machine. Really swollen tonsils All details, clinical examination, investigation, treatment needs medical assistance. How to stop swollen tonsils Hope my answers have helped you. Home remedies for swollen tonsils and sore throat Thanks.

It could be tinnitus. My tonsils are swollen what can i do If it is due to loud sounds and subsides after sometimes it doesn’t require any medication but avoid loud noises. What happens when your tonsils are swollen If you get this all the time or in silence consult me privately online.

I have dry throat feelings for the past two three days. Tonsils swollen From my throat to my upper have become reddish and also I have wounds on my jaws. Causes swollen tonsils I had cold past week. What can i take for swollen tonsils But it’s gone right now. Why do your tonsils get swollen But my throat become infected upto my upper jaw. Sore throat and swollen tonsils It become highly reddish.

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