Health care in the us, canada and the uk_ tales of three sickbeds –

Health care is a subject matter that appeals to us mentally and emotionally. Health insurance sc Countries around the world have setup various health schemes such as health insurance to provide primary health care for the citizens. Cheap health insurance in michigan From top notch health equipment, to a well-structured health care system, governments around the world are making efforts to establish an effective health care system. Home health care tucson az However, it has proved to be a herculean task.

Healthcare c Even with the partnership of the private sector, quality and effectiveness have proved difficult to attain.

Whether it is Obamacare in the US, NHS (National Health Service) in the UK and Medicare in Canada, one fundamental ideology that must be incorporated in the health plan of all countries is the notion that basic health care must be available to all irrespective of his or her race and financial capacity, according to Tommy Douglas, the father of Canadian Medicare.

With this in mind, let us dissect the health care system of three developed countries: Canada, US and UK.

The US health plan scheme in economic terms can be described as more capitalist, less socialist. Concept of primary health care Individuals pay certain percentage of their gross income into various health schemes called health insurance. Primary health care limited Most of these insurance companies are privately owned. U m r health insurance Though, there are government owned health scheme like Obamacare, Medicare for the elderly; however, this only caters for a small percentage of the population. Health care for all Basically, you either have an insurance plan or pay out of your pocket.

The US health plan is very effective in terms of customer satisfaction, quality of service; access to doctors and access to top notch health equipment. Health care service Patients do not have to wait long hours to see the doctor. Primary medical The health plan creates environment of competition to deliver quality health plan among insurance companies. Physicians healthcare However, this health plan has it weakness. Health insurance las vegas Individuals have to decimate their bank accounts for quality health services. Affordable health insurance alabama It is very expensive. Home health care job description Those without insurance or access to social health plan of the government are left out in the cold. N c health insurance In other words, health care is a privilege in the US. Health care western australia For instance, prescription drugs in the US are very expensive. Health care jobs Though, there is less restriction on purchase of prescription drugs, but it costs a fortune. Women’s healthcare group So, the US health scheme differs from the thought process of Tommy Douglas.

The UK health plan takes a socialist approach and people oriented. Primary health services center Citizens are required to pay a certain percentage of their income into the National health scheme. Health insurance kenya In other words, it is not free as some might think. Health insurance premium Health plan is structured in way that makes sure access to health services is a right not a privilege. Affordable health insurance ny There is universal health coverage, free or inexpensive medical services and, unrestricted access to care and doctors. Health care data For instance, prescription drugs are very cheap in UK. Healthcare group Though, there are restrictions on certain prescription drugs, but the ones little restrictions are inexpensive.

Availability of care is one of the biggest healthcare concerns facing NHS. Women’s health group tulsa Due to shortage of General practitioners, patients are required to wait long lines for treatment. Health insurance group number There is also the problem of substandard technology because England is an old country. Women’s health boutique We also have the problem of frustrated doctors and patients. 24 7 home health care The UK health plan has the tenets of Tommy Douglas incorporated in it health scheme.

Canada’s health scheme known as Medicare centred on the ideological view point of Tommy Douglas. Health insurance exchange All Canadian residents have reasonable access to quality health services, hospital and physician services irrespective of their financial muscle. Health insurance marketplace login Medicare is a term that refers to Canada’s publicly funded health care system.

In terms of strength and weakness, it is similar to the UK structure. Health insurance specialist salary However, the prescription drugs are also cheap but the restriction policy is more relaxed, similar to the US policy. Affordable health insurance michigan However, the two countries operate a distinct health plan. Women’s health haven While the UK operates a single payer system, where citizens pay a percentage into a health plan scheme called NHS. Health insurance vermont On the other hand, instead of having a single national plan, Canada has 13 provincial and territorial health care insurance plans. Find health insurance In other words, the citizens pay a percentage of income into any of the 13 provinces.

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