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Rep. Uk healthcare Ron Kind, D-La Crosse, visited with more than 150 constituents at the American Legion Post 52 in La Crosse and fielded numerous questions about what he would do to address healthcare, Social Security, the environment and other issues. Selective primary health care A number of attendees also commented on the political climate in Washington, sharing their views on the first month of Donald Trump’s presidency and asking what Kind would or could do to change things in Washington.

Kind said he holds these sessions every year to hear about what people care about at home and to get good ideas about what to do in Congress. Define primary health care Because of the turnout Wednesday, he hoped to hold another La Crosse listening session after he completes his tour of the district.

Many of the questions he fielded during the discussion Wednesday afternoon dealt with the impacts of repealing the Affordable Care Act, defunding Planned Parenthood or concerns over reduced funding for Medicare or Medicaid. Cheap health insurance in nc Family members with spouses or children with disabilities were worried about how those changes could impact them or asked Kind about what will replace the ACA if it is repealed.

He said Congress needed to have a Plan B in place before they eliminated the ACA, as he worried that just repealing the law would just make things worse. Affordable health insurance company But when one member of the crowd called Obamacare, as the ACA is also known, a failure that misled people about being able to keep their insurance, Kind defended the legislation.

The ACA is working for the vast majority of people, he said, and there were a lot of good things the legislation addressed that private markets failed to. Home health care store While some people and families had to change their plans, Kind said most people were able to keep their insurance and said the best solution to the problem of rising premium costs was to get more young people to sign up on the exchanges in order to spread out the risk.

President Donald Trump’s actions during his first month in office also sparked responses from constituents. Women’s health group thornton One person spoke about attending the recent rally in Cameron Park in support of immigrants and asked Kind to lend his support to the issue as well.

Several asked questions about what Kind would do to ensure Russia’s ties to the election and Trump’s presidency were investigated, and Kind said he supported forming a special commission to get to the bottom of the issue. Home health care salary Free and democratic elections are the cornerstone of American government, he said, and more needs to be done to ensure their integrity going forward.

Many in attendance were seniors and voiced their concerns over the financial integrity of Social Security into the future. Health insurance agent Kind said the Social Security trust fund would be good for at least another decade, but in order to avoid lowering benefits or increasing the retirement age, more money needed to come in.

He said he was interested in ways to increase the amount of taxes collected for Social Security, as the current cap on income for those paying into the system was around $120,000. Private health insurance plans But when pressed by constituents to officially voice his support for a tax increase or endorse similar legislation introduced by his peers, Kind hedged on the topic.

Several times during the town hall, people called out when they felt Kind was dodging or not addressing a topic. The health care La Crosse Resident Avery Van Gaard said she agreed with some those sentiments, feeling like Kind took the right position on issues, but didn’t seem to be to take definitive action.

Climate change was one of the top issues for her, as well as others who brought up concerns about the Dakota Access Pipeline, clean water, and renewable energy. Cheap health insurance pa Kind spoke about the need to invest more in clean energy such as wind and solar, which he said America is falling behind on compared to the rest of the world.

But his stance wasn’t strong enough for Van Gaard, who thought he, like a lot of politicians of both parties, didn’t make it a priority. E u health insurance card In her comments to Kind, Van Gaard said climate change should be on the list of top issues he had for the current Congress to address, even above jobs and tax reform.

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yes you could, well not exactly, but close, ryan has 2 less years under his belt of spending on everything he sees…but the ‘news’ story wasn’t about ryan, it was about kind. Women’s health magazine customer service ran and kind are similar in many ways, they both are career politicians, they both answer to their respective donor overlords, and they even look alike, especially with the government approved politician hair styles. Health care center and when you get down to brass tacks, they both share the same political ideology, neither of them has ever seen anything that they didn’t think government shouldn’t be in charge of.

I was there and as usual bozo & NBR are full of krapp. Private health insurance quotes The article seems to suggest there was hostility toward Kind. Women’s health associates columbia mo There were 1 question that was anti-Kind. Health care premium The vast majority were comments about how Cheetoman is messing up. Health insurance help Some thought Kind needed to go farther than he has. Healthcare journal A majority felt he needed to be more partisan.

ronnie kind is the 15 Trillion dollar man….since he has been in DC, the District of Corruption, the national debt has increased over 15 Trillion dollars…..he has never seen anything he doesn’t want to throw taxpayer dollars at.

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