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• How do you have an abortion when the baby is in the fallopian tubes?

• Think abortion is okay if the baby puts the mother in danger?

I was wondering…do you think abortion is okay if the baby puts the mother in danger?

• Can being punched in the stomach while pregnant cause a miscarriage?

• How does an abortion happen – do they actually take the baby out, or what?

• having an abortion but I don’t really know what it involves!

I’m 15 and I am pregnant.I’m having an abortion but I don’t really know what it involves! how do they abort the baby??

me and my baby had sex , It was my first time and I have a major stomach ache. I always have stomach aches is this normal?

I was pretty sure that I was pregnant, but I got punched in the stomach pretty hard.

Now, I have some (VERY little) blood, and a lot of black (or dark brown) coming from my “area”.

Does this mean that if I was pregnant, that I had a miscarrage?

• At how many months does the baby move around & kick in your stomach

I have a question.

What causes stomach cramps diarrhea I am pregnant around how many months would I be if I already started feeling the baby move and kick around in my stomach???

I might be pregnant && im 14…I don’t know yet…I hope not…but if I get punched and the stomach can I loose it?

Do you support partial birth abortion?? This is where the baby is partially born. Why do i keep getting stomach aches Its head is only out and they stick sizers in the neck suck out the babies brain until its skull collapses!! Do you support that!!!

• Could my umbilical cord hernia from when I was a baby be affecting my stomach pains now?

I have been having these tapping feelings inside my stomach lately and you can feel like 5 thumps in like a second. Why do we get stomach aches Is that how the baby kicks feel.

I am almost 7 months pregnant. What causes stomach cramps during pregnancy This is my first pregnancy. What is good for stomach cramps How do I know when my baby is hiccuping?

So my friend might be pregers, she had sex twice; june this year and this month. How do you get rid of stomach aches so I’ve a few questions:

4) after how many weeks do you start noticing a bump in your stomach?

6) can you still have babies later in life if you get an a…

• Will he want to feel the baby even though I’m getting an abortion?

But I kinda want my boyfriend to feel the baby at least once.

If you have just had an baby and you are now use to eating the way you did when you were pergant and all you what to do is loss that gut you have and get an flat stomach / six pack. Stomach aches and pains Can you help me with weight loss after having a baby?

but I’m on 15 and I’m no where close to being ready to have a baby

im 14 and pregnant, im absoloutly gutted, me and my boyfriend did it unprotected. What causes stomach aches at night He doesnt want the baby but I do. Chronic stomach aches after eating I have to give it up for him, but I dont know how to, do I have to get an abortion? if so how do they abort it? Or do I get some sort of pill? please help me.

How many months does a baby starts to kick and move around in the stomach

I don’t know about this pill but can someone tell me if cytotec is a safe way to abort a 5weeks baby? Please I need your help guys.. What causes stomach discomfort after eating It is the only abortion pill that’s available here in the philippines 🙁

• If you were to find out the exact moment that you were pregnant,

If you were to find out the exact moment that you were pregnant,

ok I didnt have sex since I got pregnant and that was 18 months ago and now my baby nine months I had sex for the first time since I had him is iit normal for my stomach to cramp after the intercourse

im pregnant rite, and I got into a fight at school, the girl hit rite in the stomach…I think she hurt the baby. Keep getting stomach aches is it possible that I may have lost the baby in all?…

My baby keeps waking up and crying and hes 3 weeks tomorrow and his stomach his all red like a rash but I dont know what its from. Frequent stomach aches in child Does anyone have any ideas on what it is?

• What is it when you have lightened spots on my stomach and back???

What is it when you have lightened spots on my stomach and back???

How do I deal with the stomach pains when I am starving myself???

Ok, if you guys dont like people killing there babies at all for any reason, then why arent you out adopting all the kids from homes?

Ok im 13 wks pregnant and I like 2 sleep on my stomach, im not showin yet or nothin but is it safe 2 lay on your stomach? Or could you sometims smush the baby? No smart a*s answers!!

• I am pregnant due to rape ((very rare)) should I get an abortion?

I just wanted to know if I should keep the baby or not. What causes stomach aches and nausea I dont know how it will affect my health if I get an abortion or not and im not sure if its safe. Frequent stomach aches in the morning I am really confused and im only 14 what should I do?

Im almost 19 weeks pregnant…yesterday and today I have had severe pains in my lower stomach. Regular stomach aches Is this normal. What’s good for stomach ache …could it be caused from having sex? Is the baby ok? Im worried..

Im 19 and I had an abortion when I was 15 I still havent got over it I think about it every day and wonder what the child would be like, I regret it so much and now I just want to replace that baby.

Ok, my ex, I told him I’m pregnant. Frequent stomach aches after eating I said I don’t want to have the baby. Frequent stomach aches and gas I want an abortion. What is good for stomach aches But he wants the baby. What causes stomach aches He says he wants to raise it with or without me. What causes stomach cramps during period I’m 3 months pregnant so I think I should decide soon. Chronic stomach discomfort causes I’m only 15! I want to graduate and go to college and I don’t want to have a baby! One- I don’t want the whole school to know I’m pregnant and Two-Won’t I miss a lot of school? Like morning sickness and then labor and I don’t …

Is there any way I can lose my baby?…Im too young for this baby…I was raped and dont feel comfortable having this baby…I dont want an abortion im just like a few weeks. Child has frequent stomach aches I just to know what your not supposed to drink or a certain pill…it sounds harsh but you dont understand its my own fathers… Child with frequent stomach aches Please help me!!!

I am 33 weeks pregnant but am worried that my stomach is too small at this stage weather baby is growing healthy or not and doc says everything is ok,, may I know reason

• how should I help my bes friend decide on what to do with her baby?

my best friend is pregnant and she doesnt want to keep the baby because she doesnt want her parents to find out. What causes stomach cramps at night so she want me to hit her in the stomach so she’ll have a miscarriage. Frequent stomach aches but I dont know what to do…if you could help me I would appreciate it.

Do you think that I’m bad because I am only 16 and I have a baby? I take really good care of her, and I am a good mother. What causes stomach aches in the morning I could have had an abortion, right?

• Do abortions hurt more during the procedure or after it’s all over?

• What would happen if your four months prego and you get hit ?

I got hit a lot this month in my stomache I might be pregnant if I am im like three months. What medicine helps stomach aches My stomache hurts but no bleeding. Things to help stomach aches Im not going to the doctors. What tea good for stomach ache What I am or was pregnant and the baby dies. I get stomach aches every day What do I do? With out going to the doctors…like what if it was a miscarrage?

This might be a dumb question but im in my ninth week of pregnancy and my dumbass brother squeezed my stomach tightly[ he doesnt know im preg].. Is 7up good for stomach aches Is that something to be worried about? Could it have hurt the baby ? My stomache doesnt hurt or nething and it doesnt feel different .. What helps for stomach aches Just wondering . What helps with stomach aches I might just be paranoid

im 16 and I was pregnant. What causes stomach cramps in newborn babies I was 9 weeks into the prgnancy, then I decided to get an abortion. What helps stomach aches and nausea so I did. My stomach aches now am I thinking did I do the right thing by doing that? so many people have told me NOT to do it, but its like they never been pregnant at 16 so they dont fully understand. What’s good for stomach aches and diarrhea so has anybody gotten an abortion to? or had a baby at 16 or is now pregnant at 16? if so did I make the riht choice? 🙁

• What’s a possible reason for dizziness, backache, and stomachache?

my cousin had her baby 2 weeks ago but shes get dizzy when she was prego and after she delivered and her back is hurting and her stomach is burning her? anything to help her back, stomach and dizziness? is dizziness a lack of nutrition..sleep?

• Would you abort your baby if you found out he/she has some disorder?

I read somewhere that 90 % of people abort their child who have some disorders like Downs Syndrome etc. What causes stomach aches during pregnancy And am also taking a class that talked about how Hitler killed and sterilized thousands of people with mental and physical disorders.

I guess my question is would u abort ur baby if u found out he/she has some disorder? Please try to elaborate rather than just yes or no.

I know its a very controversial issue so please try not to hate and…

Is it normal for you stomach to swell when you have the stomach flu?

• Is it possible to be pregnant 2 months after having an abortion?

is it possible to be pregnant 2 months after having an abortion? my partner and I have had unprotected sex and lately I’ve been eating a lot. What can help stomach aches I’ve also havent gotten my months period. How to make stomach aches go away I’ve been waiting to take a pregnancy test to see if maybe my period is just late. How to help stomach aches if I am pregnant are there any complications to my baby?

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