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NYU Langone’s Heart Valve Center is one of the nation’s most innovative and broad programs for treating people with heart valve disease, including aortic valve disease, mitral valve disease, and tricuspid valve disease. Coronary heart disease icd 9 With several decades of experience in treating these conditions, our surgeons have pioneered many of the heart valve treatments that are the current standard of care.

Our cardiac surgeons have performed more than 5,000 mitral valve repair procedures—among the most in the country.

Valvular heart disease can occur in what forms We have refined the technique throughout the last 30 years and proved its worth in clinical trials.

In 1996, NYU Langone heart surgeons became the first in the United States to introduce a minimally invasive mitral valve repair procedure, in which a surgeon rebuilds the heart’s mitral valve, avoiding the need for a large sternotomy incision in the chest. Coronary heart disease journal We are also leaders in performing robotic mitral valve repair. Causes heart disease Innovative Valve Repair Technology

Our team remains at the forefront of testing innovative technologies that may improve treatment for patients with heart valve disease. Congenital heart disease wiki We were the first in the country to perform an advanced type of transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) or transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR), using the new Medtronic CoreValve ® Evolut ™ R System. Is cardiovascular disease heart disease We are currently leading a national clinical trial to evaluate this new technology. What is coronary heart disease Approximately half of patients at NYU Langone with aortic valve disease now receive this procedure, while the other half are treated with other minimally invasive techniques.

The Heart Valve Center is actively involved in testing several other new technologies that aim to improve the safety of these procedures for our patients. Diet and heart disease Many of these technologies are only available at experienced centers like ours. Incidence of heart disease Our doctors have a long history of involvement in major clinical research trials, and we maintain an active database to track patient outcomes over the long term, enabling us to recommend the safest and most reliable procedure for each person. Heart disease symtoms Your First Appointment

We know how overwhelming it may be for patients and their families to understand the various treatment options for heart valve disease. Common signs of heart disease We pride ourselves on our exceptional ability to simplify these treatment choices and help you navigate this difficult process. Physical signs of heart disease Our doctors spend time with you to make sure you understand our recommendations and the options available to you.

Most of the time, we can ensure that all necessary tests are completed the day of your initial visit. How to treat heart disease In addition to meeting with our primary team of heart valve physicians, you may meet with other specialists based on your individual needs, such as geriatric cardiologists, physical therapists, nutritionists, or research specialists.

At the Heart Valve Center, you have access to leading cardiac experts who are at the forefront of treatment innovations and dedicated to providing patient-focused care.

To make an appointment at NYU Langone’s Heart Valve Center, please call 646-501-0264.

Our team of physicians creates a customized treatment plan for valvular and structural heart conditions.

Dr. Alcohol and heart disease Williams was the first physician in the country to be cross-trained in both cardiac surgery and interventional cardiology. Congenital heart disease adults He is a highly skilled valvular disease specialist and has performed more than 1,500 transcatheter valve procedures, more than any other surgeon in the nation. Ischemic heart disease vs coronary artery disease His work in the PARTNER I study played a pivotal role in gaining approval from the U.S. Ischemic heart disease classification Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the device and the procedure. Symptoms of heart disease in hindi Before joining NYU Langone, Dr. Rheumatic heart disease risk factors Williams served as co-director of the Heart Valve Center at New York-Presbyterian/Columbia, where he established himself as an outstanding young leader in his field. Rheumatic heart disease in pregnancy He has published 130 scientific papers and serves on numerous national committees. End stage heart disease He also has several research grants from the National Institutes of Health. Heart disease and heart attack View Full Profile

Dr. Congenital heart disease prevalence Galloway is the Seymour Cohn Professor and Chairman of the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery at NYU Langone, where he has been on the faculty since 1985. Ischemic heart disease powerpoint presentation He is internationally recognized for his contributions to mitral valve repair for degenerative disease, surgical treatments for ischemic mitral valve insufficiency, and minimally invasive valve repair and replacement techniques. Congenital heart disease classification Dr. Coranary heart disease Galloway’s work has been a part of national benchmarks for mitral valve reconstruction and minimally invasive cardiac surgery outcomes. Heart disease leading cause of death He has also been an investigator on numerous clinical trials, has invented and developed many new medical devices related to valve repair and replacement, and has published more than 230 manuscripts in prestigious, peer-reviewed journals. Heart disease problems View Full Profile

Dr. Types of congenital heart disease Loulmet is a pioneer in robotic cardiac surgery, having performed the world’s first robotic mitral valve repair with Dr. Coronary artery disease quiz Alain Carpentier in Paris in May 1998 and the world’s first closed chest robotic coronary artery bypass grafting in June 1998. How to get heart disease His robotic surgical practice focuses on closed chest mitral valve repair, coronary bypass, and cardiac tumor removal. Congenital heart disease powerpoint Dr. Ischemic heart disease treatment guidelines Loulmet has performed thousands of mitral valve repair procedures in his career, using the conventional approach, the less invasive technique, and robotic surgery. Pathophysiology of heart disease View Full Profile

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