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Thank you for your answer. Hepatitis ab and c Do you know if there’s a way to know about a prison policy regarding those tests ? If an inmate asks for a test, does he have to pay for it ? And how much ? Those tests are free in France, is it the same in the US ?

I’m sorry to bother you, but unfortunately, my brother in law is Hep C + and many of my friends are HIV+, and I know that the sooner you know, the better it is. Hepatitis c treatment medications Joey has a lot of prison tattoes….

In North Carolina, prisoners get HIV tests and HCV tests when they ask for them. Side effects of hepatitis c The tests are free, although inmates pay a fee ($5) to see the doctor.

My husband asked for an HIV test before we were married, and it was given to him within a couple of days.

Reasons for hepatitis c About a month ago, the doctor told him he needs a Hep A vaccine, but they still haven’t given it to him.

In Teddy’s prison, if they actually find a tattoo that is new or bust someone that is giving tattoos, they automatically test all the Prisoners for Hep and HIV.

I have asked Monica this before, but maybe other people need to hear the answer too. Is hepatitis c Do we, as vistors, need to be immunized (for Hep A and B)? Although most of us do not have conjugal visits, I know for myself, we share drinks and long kisses ~~~ plus the baby is notorious for putting anything in his mouth for a quick taste.

You recommended that the prisoners be tested immediately upon release. Symptoms of acute hepatitis c Okay, stupid selfish question coming……how does that affect our sexual relations??

It would be extremely rare and difficult for you to come into contact with Hep C in the visiting room – even sharing kisses and drinks… Hepatitis c patient Blood is the culprit here and unless you come into direct contact with blood then you are reasonably safe. Is hepatitis c virus or bacteria Hep A and Hep B are another story and much more transmissable through casual contact including sharing of a drink or a kiss. Hepatitis c pictures Although these two A & B could be considered the lesser of two evils – you still don’t want them.

I have been vaccinated for Hep B and it is now available in a new form that is only ONE shot. Hepatitis virus c You used to have to go for three shots over 6 months I think… Hepatitis c genotype In Canada, Heb B vaccine is free. How is hepatitis c cured Hep A is still a cost to us in Canada. Hepatitis c It is two shots and costs about $126.00 CDN.

Personally, I would recommend that anyone that could be at risk should consider having the vaccine.

How will it affect your sexual relations? I would recommend a test as soon as your loved one is released. Replication of hepatitis c virus Until the results are back then condoms are not a consideration they are a must. Type c hepatitis Care must be taken, because many Prisoners may not even know that they have one of the Hep family of viruses.

Thank you for the information. Hepatitis c treatment naive I think your recommendations are great. Hepatitis c foundation Honestly, the condom thing is NOT what I wanted to hear BUT I am a mature adult who will take the responsible action. Hepatitis c precautions I know he loves me enough to totally understand that we need to do what is RIGHT (when our moment finally comes!).

I never thought I would ever have to deal with any Hep virus in any way. Hepatitis c and hiv I never ever even took the time to learn about any of them and I had them all lumped together in one category (Hep). Genotype 2 hepatitis c treatment After reading a post on another thread by Menolly I realized how very little I did know about the differences.

I have learned so much from reading and rereading the posts on all the threads. Is hepatitis c transmitted by saliva I think so many of my wrong questions are from a total lack of knowledge about Hep C.

Yes, the test IMMEDIATELY upon release, and condoms ARE A MUST, until all tests come back clear. Hepatitis c treatment 2015 A good 6 months, at least! As unpleasant as that fact may be, the alternative is so much more unpleasnat! Believe us on that point!

Oh and there is no such thing as a “wrong question”. Hepatitis c symptoms in men ALL questions are the beginning of wisdom-gathering! That is exactly WHY we started this forum! Ask anything you need to, my dear!

There is a lot of mis-information about Hepatitis in general. Hepatitis c virus ppt Most people do not know that Hepatitis goes all the way to “H” now… Hepatitis c virus images There are so many types now that are out there.

Did you know that you can get Hep A from eating shellfish? I believe that shrimp is one of the main culprits?

We have had a number of outbreaks of Hep A in and around the Toronto Canada area in the past months – where did it come from and start? In the grocery store with a produce clerk that had Hep A and passed it on to unsuspecting customers buying apples and oranges…. What is the hepatitis c virus There have been two mass vaccinations that I am aware of recently that steamed from a scare at the grocery store. About hepatitis c The grocery stores where I shop locally all have the produce clerks wearing plastic gloves now.

We have been talking about Hep C quite a bit in the last few days. Cure for hepatitis b 2015 We have been discussing a close friend and their issues…He said he will go to “sick call” on monday and find out how he can go about getting the Hep B Vaccine as well as tested for Hep C. How hepatitis c transmitted Although he has not gotten any tattoos since in DOC (last one was many years ago) he’d still like to inquire. Treatment for hepatitis c genotype 2 Since I am a complete nag I’m sure he;ll get it done,lol. How common is hepatitis c I will let you know if I find out anything since we are both dealing with the FL DOC.

This question may have already been answered and I apologize if I am being repetitive but how long can you actually be Hep C positive with out showing any symptoms. Liver with hepatitis c For example, one can be HIV positive for years with out being sick or even testing positive. How do you get hepatitis c virus Let say you haven’t been tested for Hep C, how long on the average before the sympotms surface?

” You know that place between asleep and awake, where you still remember dreaming? That’s where I will always think of you.” Tinkerbell

“Don’t be dismayed at good-byes. Hepatitis c and pregnancy A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. Symptoms hepatitis c And meeting again, after

Usually here a child gets the Hep B vacinne at infancy, and then again before entering 7th grade. Hepatitis c pregnancy The 7th grade thing is a new school requirement, only a few years old. Hepatitis c types I had it at infancy and then again at 18 while working with MR/DD adults. Facts about hepatitis c Although it is supposed to be good for life….

” You know that place between asleep and awake, where you still remember dreaming? That’s where I will always think of you.” Tinkerbell

“Don’t be dismayed at good-byes. Hepatitis c symptoms and causes A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. Hepatitis c symptoms skin And meeting again, after

How long one remains symptom free is totally unpredicatable, because there are so many variables.

A person who hasn’t been kind to their liver, and who continues to not be careful, can go downhill QUITE FAST – a couple years.

Also HOW you got your Hep affects it. How do i get hepatitis c If you’re a nurse, who got it from a needle stick, you had a very SMALL initial exposure, so you’d probably last longer. What is hepatitis c in urdu Getting a whole pint of tainted blood transufion means you’ve got MILLIONS of extra viruses right from first exposure. How do you get hepatitis c symptoms And if you are a hemophiliac, your Facto 8 is made from the blood of 30,000 donors! If 100 of those donors had Hep, well, you are being walloped!

Here in Canada, we only have a couple HUNDRED hemophiliacs left, due to both the AIDS and HEP C contaminated blood scandals!

The FIRST thing I tell any newly diagnosed Hep C person is “You probably have 10 great years left, and 20 if you quit ALL ALCOHOL use, and totally revamp your diet.

Bella, I have kind of a strange attitude about illness in general. Hepatitis c 1a I tell people that ILLNESS is just a reminder to TAKE BETTER CARE OF YOUR BODY, ‘cus despite all that we own (houses, cars etc.) our body is our only possession of any REAL value. Hepatitis c how can you get it That’s why I take care of my own, so vigilently. How does one contract hepatitis c I haven’t had so much as a cold for the last 26 Canadian winters! And I’ve NEVER had the flu in my life!

I am the healthiest person you could ever meet! Ask TEB, in December I worked for three weeks, 12 hour days, through a Norwalk Virus epidemic, and never got it!

There are a couple of threads posted yesterday regarding Hep B and specifically about giving it to kids…

Hep B Vaccine is only good for about 10 years give or take…

I got one when I was in my 20’s and just was tested for Hep B anitbodies a few months ago and I had NO protection so was vaccinated again.

Your best defense is to have your doctor test for the anitbodies and that determines if you need to be vaccinated again. How serious is hepatitis c This is true for Hep B and Hep A.

Teb, I remebered my doctor saying it was good for about 10 years when I had it done at 18…but recently I took some of “my kids” to get theirs before school and was told it was good for life. Hepatitis c antibody I was a little confused and thought that either I misunderstood back when I had it, or maybe it was stronger now or something. Hepatitis c virus symptoms Thanks for the clearification. What is hepatitis c and b It’s gettting close to those 10 years…maybe I should get checked again.

” You know that place between asleep and awake, where you still remember dreaming? That’s where I will always think of you.” Tinkerbell

“Don’t be dismayed at good-byes. Hepatitis c spread A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. Medication for hep c cure And meeting again, after

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