Mergers and acquisition in insurance indusrty, 2017

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Richard Mochoge Ondimu (MScFBI, Bcom (First Class) CPA(k), HD.)

Azenaida Generosa Chimuco (MSc FBI. Primary medical Post graduate in Business Administration, BBM)

– A merger: This is a strategy through which two firms agree to integrate their

operations on a relatively co-equal basis because they have resources and capabilities

that together may create a stronger competitive advantage. Physicians healthcare e.g. Health insurance las vegas The 2016 Atradius

Insurance merger of its two major European credit insurance carriers

? (Atradius Credit Insurance N.V. Affordable health insurance alabama and Compania Espanola Insurance)

– Acquisition: may be defined as corporate act of securing/taking-over either directly or

indirectly; the shares, voting rights, assets or control over the management, of another

enterprise. Home health care job description e.g. N c health insurance Allianz acquisition of 98.9% of the Zurich Assurances Maroc (Allianz

– M&A in the insurance industry can be traced as far back as early 1990s

when the financial market sector was deregulated and liberalized.

– Arising from the liability crisis in 1980s and again after Hurricane

Andrew in 1992, several leading Insurers/Reinsurers promoted a Flight

to Quality hypothesis – allowing insurance companies to integrate with

like minded institutions, e.g. Health care western australia banks to enable meet impending claims,

– Lately, there has an increasing positive trend of M&A activities

intermediaries). Health care jobs However Swiss Re (2015) indicates that the number

deals still remains well below levels seen during the financial crisis.

– M&A insurance is a highly specialised field of cover that facilitates

– It does so by transferring certain potential risks of the transaction

(whether already foreseen or which may surface at a later date) to

– Any company considering a merger, acquisition or restructure may

(Continued)– M&A insurance can also enable sellers to realise the benefits of the

transaction sooner by avoiding the need for a retention or escrow

– It is specifically designed to solve commercial risks arising from

– Examples include: Warrants & Indemnities Insurance which is an

M&A insurance that cover either the buyer or the seller for loss

arising from breach of the warranties and indemnities given in an

? Allianz Failed merger with Axa – Impending mega-merger Between

Insurance? Greater Value Generation: Mergers and acquisitions generally succeed in

generating cost efficiency through the implementation of economies of scale. Women’s healthcare group It

is expected that the shareholder value of a firm after mergers or acquisitions.

? Gaining Cost Efficiency: merger or acquisition, the joint company benefits in

terms of cost efficiency. Primary health services center As the two firms form a new and bigger company, the

production is done on a much larger scale. Health insurance kenya (Economies of Scope)

? Increase in market share – An increase in market share is one of the plausible

? Gain higher competitiveness – The new firm is usually more cost-efficient and

competitive as compared to its financially weak parent organization.

– Introduction (Definition of key terms, and relevant theories)

– Highlight of key mergers and acquisitions in insurance and practical

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