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This guide will help you understand how to read the transplant program reports in the Transplant Center Directory. Where is the bone marrow located All information provided in these reports is obtained directly from the transplant center. Register as a bone marrow donor We make every effort to keep the information up to date but changes can occur.

Contraindications of bone marrow aspiration Consult directly with each transplant center for the most current information about their program.

If the transplant center treats only adult patients, the word “Adult” will appear in this section. Can i be a bone marrow donor If only pediatric patients are accepted for treatment, the word “Pediatric” will appear. What is meant by bone marrow If the center treats both pediatric and adult patients, but at separate facilities, the words “Both Adult/Ped” will appear. Can i donate bone marrow If both pediatric and adult patients are treated at the same facility and by the same medical personnel, the words “Adult/Ped Combined” will appear .

NMDP stands for National Marrow Donor Program, the organization that provides bone marrow, stem cell and cord blood donors for patients. Bone marrow operation A “Y” in this space means that NMDP will provide unrelated donors to patients treated at this center. Bone marrow transplant test An “N” or blank space means it will not.

FACT stands for the Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy. Bone marrow transplant hospitals This group establishes standards for the collection, storage and transplantation of bone marrow, stem cells and cord blood. Tissue type associated with red bone marrow A “Y” after FACT approved means the center has been certified as a quality transplant center.

An “N” or blank space after FACT approved means the center has not yet been rapproved by FACT. Bone marrow diseases list This may be because they did not apply for FACT approval, were denied approval or they are currently being reviewed. “P” means the center has filed for FACT approval, and their application is pending. Bone marrow transplant indications For more information about FACT, visit their website at http://www.factwebsite.org

The year the autologous and allogeneic transplant programs began

Lists the primary medical directors and nurse/program coordinators. Process of bone marrow donation It does not include staff physicans or other nurses who staff the transplant unit.

This section provides data about the number and type of transplants the center has performed. What type of tissue is bone marrow in the last few years. Bone marrow biopsy sedation These numbers reflect transplants done for ALL diseases, not just your disease. Bone marrow infection You’ll need to consult with the center directly about their experience treating your specific disease. Types of bone marrow Consult the Department of Health and Human Services’ web page for informatio on the number of transplants a center has performed for patients with a specifc disease.

If the center did not provide us with the number of transplants performed in a particular year a zero will appear in the space.

There are several different types of bone marrow or stem cell transplants. Cost of bone marrow transplant “Autologous” means the patient’s own stem cells or marrow are used. Bone marrow makes blood “Allogeneic” means stem cells and bone marrow are from a donor is used in the transplant. Register for bone marrow donation The donor may be related or unrelated. What is a bone marrow In addition, the donor may be “matched”, meaning that his marrow type is nearly identical to the patient’s marrow type, or “mis-matched” meaning the marrow types of the patient and donor differ.

This section lists transplants by type of transplant performed. Tumor of the bone marrow medical term The number of cord blood and nonmyeloablative or reduced intensity transplants are listed separately.

This section lists the minimum and maximum age of patients the center will accept for treatment. Where to buy bone marrow At many centers, the age criteria are flexible. Purpose of yellow bone marrow Patients who exceed the maximum age criteria may still be considered if they’re as physically fit as a younger person.

The minimumdonor match criteria required by the center for each type of transplant is presented in this section. What is a bone marrow donor At some centers, the match criteria varies according to the disease being treated and the protocol (treatment plan).

This section indicates whether support groups are available for patients and family members during and after treatment.

You may search for centers that transplant patients with a particular disease. Indication of bone marrow aspiration Select a disease from the drop down table under “Disease” Leave the field blank if you do not want to narrow your search by disease.

The date last updated is the date on which any of the following elements were changed in our database: Number & Type of Transplants Performed, Diseases Treated, Age & Match Criteria, NMDP Affiliation, and FACT Approval. Risks of bone marrow donation It is possible that further changes in the transplant program may have occurred since then.

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