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TRAVERSE CITY — March 11, 2017 marks the 50th wedding anniversary of Douglas and Jean Barrett, of Traverse City. Health information exchange challenges The couple was married in Detroit in 1967; they have been northern Michigan residents for almost 40 years.

In January I was the speaker at Cowell Family Cancer Treatment Center’s monthly Wellness Initiative.

Free health information The focus was on cancer-fighting compounds and immune-building foods, but I guarantee you, the best part of the evening was the attendees.

This dynamic group, all cancer survivors, was full of fun and energy and support for each other. Health information systems pdf They took a good class and made it great. Latest health information Not only did we discuss the power of food for fighting cancer, but we veered off into tangents on ways to get our families to eat healthier food as well as time-saving kitchen tips.

I want to share their wealth of ideas, along with others I gained from teaching for six years. Medical health information Here’s a list of the best “tips of the trade” for kitchen use.

If you’re not a fan of vegetables then try roasting them. Health information websites They take on a whole new flavor and the most adamant veggie haters have to admit they like the taste. What is health care information Give carrots a try first. Health information systems management I really believe everyone will love the taste. Interoperability of health information systems I clean (and peel if not organic), then brush on, or spray on, a little oil, lightly salt and bake at 350 degrees for generally 20-25 minutes — check them at 20 minutes to be safe.

They are done when a fork goes in, but the veggie is still firm. What is health information exchange This process should work on all veggies but cooking times may vary especially with squash or if you bake a lot at once. What is a health information manager Cauliflower is fantastic when it is roasted, but is one of my least favorites raw.

Put out a snack bowl in a high-traffic area (great for kids, but it also works for grown-ups). Health information services Fill it with whole or chopped fruits and veggies, a raw trail mix, maybe even some hummus. Health information exchange hie Then when your kids pass through or do something at the table, they’ll snack on healthy food without even realizing.

If you have little kids make fun names for fruits and veggies and they are 80 percent more likely to eat them. Health management information system hmis Incorporate the kid’s name into it and you are a hero. Health and disease information It makes sense — X-Ray Vision Carrots sound fun to me.

Buy the gadget. Information about health insurance I was raised a sturdy German Lutheran girl and I have an innate sense of “if it isn’t necessary don’t buy it.” For years I didn’t buy gadgets that were time-savers (my goal is to be at the table, but not in the kitchen). Masshealth information I changed my ways after a friend convinced me to buy an electric steamer. What is health information I’ve had it for ten years, it is still working great and I know my broccoli will be cooked perfectly. Information about health and fitness Another favorite gadget is an immersion blender — it’s worth every penny. Types of health information systems Whatever your gadget wishes, treat yourself and go for it.

Divide and conquer. Reliable health information Shop one day and prep the next. Patient health information Doing both in one day, well okay, I don’t do both in one day because that would border on torture. What is health information systems No matter how you approach prepping, or any mundane kitchen task, make the time as pleasant as possible by adding some entertainment to the mix. Health information systems jobs One of my favorites is streaming stand-up comedy or archiving “Prairie Home Companion.” I’m focused on the show and barely aware I have a sharp knife in my hand.

Double any recipe that freezes well. Information about health A big time-saver and there is virtually a meal on hand when schedules change. Unitedhealth group information Cooked rice and pasta freeze well too. Health information systems definition You’ll feel like a superstar when you whip that dish outta the freezer. Health related information (If you don’t, you should; I don’t see anyone else making this stuff happen.)

Don’t be too persnickety about the recipe. Health education information Skip certain herbs or spices or make substitutions when it’ll save you a grocery trip or money you’d rather not spend. Examples of health information systems If you are a chef and your goal is to experience food at that level, then yes, follow the recipe exactly. Information about healthy lifestyle But I’m not that person so I substitute or omit an ingredient especially if a store run would keep me from making a dish. Information for health (And trust me, it will). Information about health and hygiene I never hesitant to Google “substitution for ____” and go with it.

Herbs are easiest to “chop” when you put them in a measuring cup and take a pair of scissors pointed down into the cup and snip away. Healthcare information technology I also use this chopping method on salads — much easier to eat a salad cut in small pieces. Consumer health information Remember when chopped salads were on every menu? Okay, I’ve just dated myself, and you too I guess, but the beautiful part of a chopped salad is you reduce the volume so you easily consume more greens.

Clean a pepper by holding it upright and cut on the curve from stem to the bottom. Information about mental health You’ll end up with a core (like an apple) with all the seeds on the core — no washing off seeds.

It is easiest and safest to chop round items like cucumbers, onions, tomatoes in half so you have a flat side. Health information department Lay the flat side on your cutting board and then cut into pieces.

You can press a garlic clove without removing the skin — the skin will stay in the press. Importance of health information systems Press, cut off the garlic, and use the tip of the knife to pull the skin out of the press. Healthcare information management Also, if you are cooking the garlic let it “air” for 10 minutes before putting in the pan. Health information center The air exposure allows the health-promoting allicin to form. National health information I’m still working at developing the habit of pressing first and doing other tasks to allow for the 10 minutes.

Juice a bag of lemons, unless like me you are saving a couple for gin and tonics, and freeze in ice cube trays. Health information service After they freeze, pop them out and store in a container or Ziploc. Health and fitness information Real juice beats the taste of bottled hands down.

Peel oranges when you are watching TV and store one orange to a container — they will actually get eaten this way.

Freeze fresh washed and dried kale, I even keep the stems on, and when you make spaghetti or soup take a leaf and use your hand to crumble the kale into the dish. Health information online Great way to fool the family and you know how I love to fool the family.

If I’m missed your best tips that need sharing please send them to me. Information on health Together we can get out of the kitchen sooner and spend more time at the table!

Food for Life instructor Sherry Davis teaches classes in Nutrition and Cooking, Cancer Prevention and Survival, Kickstart Your Health, Reversing Type 2 Diabetes, and Power Foods for the Brain in various Traverse City locations. Definition of health information exchange Visit or call 231-709-2309 for more information.

This is the best bean soup I’ve ever had! I’m addicted. Information about world health day I’ve made it three times in five weeks. Information about healthy food and junk food It calls for soaking and cooking beans so keep that in mind. Information about healthy eating A friend served this to me, the original recipe called for beef stock, when I made it I used vegetable stock and it was great. History of health information exchange My friend always doubles vegetables in soup recipes, I did not double but doubling is a great tip!

I’m not a spice girl, so don’t worry, this is not too spicy, just right.

Put the drained beans in two separate pans with cold water to cover and a bay leaf in each. Health information exchange definition Boiler rapidly for 10 minutes, then cover and simmer for 20 minutes.

Add 1 T. Health information resources coarse salt to each pan and continue simmering for 30 more minutes or until beans are tender. What is health information management (this is a lot of salt, cut back or omit if you want).

Heat a couple of t. Information about world health organisation of water in a pot and add carrots, onion, celery, and garlic. Health information database Cook over a low heat for 8-10 minutes until softened.

Stir in the cumin, cayenne, and oregano. Information about health and safety Add the wine, stock and water and stir to mix. Information about health and medicine Drain the cooked beans, remove the bay leaves, and add to the pot. Components of health information systems Bring to a boil, reduce heat, cover and simmer for about 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.

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