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A default judgment was entered Monday against Midwest Academy because the former boarding school’s owners had not hired an attorney in time for a trial that was scheduled to begin Monday at the South Lee County Courthouse in Keokuk.

Twenty-nine Southeast Iowa high school juniors attended Southeast Iowa Days in Des Moines Tuesday and Wednesday. Health information systems pdf They are shown with state Rep. Latest health information Dennis Cohoon, D-Burlington, at the Iowa Capitol Tuesday.

Twenty-nine Southeast Iowa high school juniors attended Southeast Iowa Days in Des Moines Tuesday and Wednesday. Medical health information They are shown with state Rep. Health information websites Dennis Cohoon, D-Burlington, at the Iowa Capitol Tuesday.

DES MOINES – Three Lee County high school students told Southeast Iowa Days attendees Tuesday afternoon that more mental health support is needed for the state’s students and there are alternatives for delivering quality education.

Fort Madison High School junior McKenna Fehseke and Holy Trinity Catholic High School juniors Sabrina Fullhart and Conrad Hellman were among the 29 students in the M-Power U Youth Leadership program who attended the two-day event along with more than 60 adult community leaders from Lee, Henry, Des Moines and Louisa counties.

Other M-Power U students from Lee County included Bryce Miller of Keokuk High School, Rylan Brumble and Austin Gaylord of Central Lee High School, and Chris Brown of Fort Madison High School.

One in five Americans suffer from mental illness, according to Burlington High School student Anikka Cook. What is health care information Thirty-seven percent of teens in America who suffer from mental illness will drop out of high school, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness and U.S. Health information systems management Department of Education.

Teens suffering from mental illness account for ninety percent of the teen suicides each year in the U.S., Cook said.

Further, only 20 percent of the people in the U.S. Interoperability of health information systems who suffer from mental illness will receive any form of treatment, she added. What is health information exchange Due to a lack of funding and priority at the national and state levels, Iowa is ranked 49th of the 50 states in the ability to treat and combat mental illness.

The students’ first way to improve the situation is to incorporate education on the identification of mental illness in K-12 schools in Iowa. What is a health information manager The training could be done during normally-scheduled professional development days.

“What schools in Iowa need are therapists,” said Cook, who added counselors don’t have the training or time to identify students with mental illness. Health information services “In a perfect world, every school would have a therapist on staff. Health information exchange hie But this isn’t a perfect world and that’s not a realistic goal.”

Instead, the students advocate using services such as Young House in Burlington, which provides therapists to schools throughout the Great Prairie Area Education Agency.

To encourage therapists to work in areas such as Southeast Iowa, the M-Power U students suggest the state pay off up to the three final years of a 10-year federal tuition program.

“Our schools need therapists,” Fehseke said. Health management information system hmis “There are big problems with graduation rates and test scores. Health and disease information We believe this could be improved by providing students the therapeutic treatment they need.”

Fehseke said that according to the Young House therapists, the graduation rates of the students they have treated have increased. Information about health insurance The students’ test scores and grades also have increased, she added.

Of the 14 schools represented, only Burlington High School has an in-house therapist. Masshealth information Burlington and West Burlington high schools have therapists provided by Young House, too.

State Rep. What is health information David Heaton, R-Mount Pleasant, encouraged the M-Power U students and their classmates to be part of the solution by considering careers in health care.

“There is a huge demand for people in health care, whether it’s nurses, physician assistants or whatever,” Heaton said.

Holy Trinity’s Hellman was one of two students who talked about ways to improve education by establishing different schedules for the school day. Information about health and fitness In addition to the normal seven- or eight-period schedule, other schedules include the A plus B and four-plus-one schedules. Types of health information systems In the A plus B schedule, students take some of their classes on one day and the rest of their classes on the next day, etc. Reliable health information In the four-plus-one format, students have Friday off for college classes or work.

“We need a government-funded employee at each school to look for ways to improve a school’s scheduling,” Hellman said. Patient health information “The AEA (Area Education Agency) already has a person with a title very similar to what we propose.”

Three other M-Power U students supported the use of body cameras, which would benefit everyone and increase police officers’ safety, they said. What is health information systems Body cameras also will make police investigations less difficult and provide more accurate descriptions of what occurs, the students added.

As for privacy issues, the students suggested using footage from body cameras in criminal cases only and having a judge decide whether the tape should be released. Health information systems jobs They also recommended destroying the footage after the case is closed.

To help pay for body cameras, the students proposed assessing an extra $25 per driving under the influence charge. Information about health They agreed on the DUI surcharge after a survey showed respondents were opposed to raising taxes, they said.

Another survey conducted by the students revealed 81 percent agreed police should wear body cameras. Unitedhealth group information Likewise, 50.8 percent agreed body camera footage should be made public.

One adult in the audience at the state Capitol said he is more worried about what body cameras cannot see.

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