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1461 Words 6 Pages The world is filled with many different types of professional people that help

maintain our health status. I can’t afford health insurance Registered nurses are one of these important professional

people that take care of the sick and maintain health all around the world and in our

community. World health care Registered nurses also work to prevent disease , to educate the public about

health issues , to enhance public health , and to help support ill patients both physically

and mentally.

Primaryhealthcare In this essay I will describe and explain what is a registered nurse,

education and certification, employment, and professional activities.

Registered nurses are licensed by the state in which he or she practices after

completing certain training and education. Cheap health insurance The three educational paths …show more content…

The role of registered nurse requires both learning and teaching responsibilities.

After registered nurses finish completing nursing school and obtain their nursing license

they also receive on the job training as education through trial and error while working

with patients. Home health care cost Students must graduate from an approved nursing program and complete a

national license examination (NCLEX-RN). Affordable health insurance florida And other eligibility requirements for students

trying to obtain a license vary by state. Independent health insurance If students have any issues they would have to

contact their state’s board of nursing for details. Primary care The different types of educational

institutions offering the program in registered nursing are clinical nurses, specialists, nurse

anesthetics, nurse midwives, and nurse practioners. Cheap health insurance for young adults Registered nurses obtain a Bachelor of

science (BSN), an Associate degree in nursing (ADN), and diploma offered by colleges and

universities which take four years to complete. Women’s health san antonio Various schools in South Florida offer the

nursing program at many degree levels, about 40 public and 129 private institutions of

higher learning throughout the state. Womens health hospital Well-known schools include University of Florida, Florida

State University, University of Miami, Florida International University, Nova Southeastern

University, and Barry University (Education-portal 2011).Associate degree in nursing programs

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Ever since I was young, the most eye-catching career that caught my attention was nursing. Women’s health initiative study I had always been interested in their ability to take care of patients in the hospitals and help those in need. Cost of home health care Although I do not have any family influence during my youth, I was determined that this career was going to be my goal for a good profession as an adult. Individual health insurance indiana I wanted to provide support, care, and comfort to people who are not availed with advanced medical technologies, such as those in my home town,

The third characteristic of a profession, according to Kelly, is that the service involves intellectual activities and that accountability is an important feature of those activities (Chitty & Black, 2011, p. Women’s health journal 66). Home health care providers I believe nursing also meets these requirements through the nursing process. Health care costs In order to provide care for an individual, a nurse must assess the problem, decide on an approach (or plan of care), and implement that plan. Primary health insurance The nurse has to be able to evaluate the outcome of those

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Registered nurses must be licensed in the state in which they work. Health insurance deductible meaning Nurses may be licensed in more than one state either by taking another NCLEX examination or by endorsement of a license issued by another state (Field 53). Intermountain healthcare layton Experience needed for success in the nursing field is acquired in the clinical experience obtained in nursing school. Women’s health associates boise Volunteering in a hospital is encouraged before pursuing a nursing career to ensure that nursing is the field in which you want to become a member. Home health care tampa Career fairs

many registered nurses come to fruition, culminating in President Obama’s signing of H.R. Us healthcare 4872, “The Health Care and Education Affordability Reconciliation Act of 2010” (McNamara, 2010). Cheap health insurance in nj This reform allows for greater protection against losing and denial of health care coverage, and it also allows for better access to primary care, wellness and prevention programs which will keep the patient healthier. Home health care jobs near me This reform serves as a significant victory for the patient that the nursing profession serves

There are many different economic and growth trends in the future of the nursing career field, and many of them are unfortunately negative. Health care problems Although statistics show that there are over 2,7 million nurses in the United States alone, they also show that many registered nurses have left and are leaving the career of nursing in search for better opportunities and better paying jobs (Medscape). Primary healthcare limited Nurses make up the largest section of healthcare in the nation, but unfortunately

strangers. Health care worker Emotional wellness is developing self awareness and how you respond emotionally eg. Define healthcare I say I love you to someone, and they say I love you too.

Q6. Health insurance pa Basic nursing care is one of two styles of nursing care. Private health insurance usa It consists of “attending to the patient’s subjective and objective needs.” (HLTEN401A Work in the Nursing Profession Careers Australia College of Healthcare 2010 Working Document p.7.)A subjective need is the nurse’s own gut response and speculation about what might have happened occurs

Although nursing can be a very physical endeavor, it carries with it responsibilities that are strictly intellectual in nature. Primary healthcare approach For instance, walking into a room to assess a patient, you have to have the knowledge of human anatomy, normal characteristics, normal vital signs, normal systems responses, etc. Health care delivery This is all taught and (hopefully) learned in nursing school.

Nursing has a very strong internal organization of nurses that have joined together over the years into organizations such

Nursing Theory: Foundation for Nursing as a Profession Essay 2496 Words | 10 Pages

Nursing theory was first established by Florence Nightingale, in 1860, with her environmental theory which describes nursing and the environment. Private health insurance reviews She laid the foundation for future nurse theorists. Home health care marketing Yet, it wasn’t until 1952, 92 years later, that nursing theory was reignited, through Peplaus theory on the interpersonal process, which is goal directed. Health insurance gov This started nurses thinking about the purpose of nursing. United states health care Then, in the 1960’s, the disciplines of science

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3a If a patient is from a low socio economic background, how might this affect their health and well-being?

When nursing a patient from a low socio-economic background there are often additional factors affecting health outcomes-

Inability to afford medications and insurance can directly affect the success of any current or future health treatment. Dshs health insurance Levels of education or ignorance can lead to embarrassment and /or confusion and can directly affect an individual’s realisation that there may be a

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and Board will cost $7,386 (“Estimated Expenses”). Benefits of private health insurance The total cost for a student, in state, attending Southeastern is $16,824 (“Estimated Expenses”). Women’s health media kit Not only will you need money to attend school, there are required classes you must take as well. Affordable health insurance for families “Nursing school was not as hard as I thought it would be. International health care The required courses I had to take in order to become a RN are Anatomy and Physiology I, Anatomy and Physiology II, Microbiology Psychology, Sociology, English I and II, Chemistry, Human Development

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